A volcanic plug known as Agathla Peak and/or 'El Capitan', is about 1/2 hour South of Monument Valley, on SR 163.
Entered Antelope Canyon in the early afternoon, but had less than an hour of 'good' light.
Should not have stopped beforehand at Carol Big Thumb's for some Navajo fry bread (the cook wasn't there anyway).
It was somewhat unsettling to be in the canyon without a guide. Now I realize what a huge help Gabrial was last year.
I wish I had arrived earlier, because the illumination soon lost its magic and everything became dark, dull and monochromatic.
After leaving AC, I spent the evening in Page, AZ, sharing a motel with bus loads of French tourists.
Next day - Leaving Page and driving West on US 89, I stopped at a NPS office. They suggested the 'Toadstools', as a photo site. This view is along the hiking path.
This one as well.
And this is the major 'Toadstool'. There are others of similar design but lesser size.
Now the adventure begins - after turning off US89 onto Houserock Valley Road. It's an unimproved road to say the least.
But scenery along the way is well worth the slow pace and rough ride.
Moving slow allowed me to spot wild flowers along the road side.
So I stopped often and tried to photograph as many as possible.
120920-22_14 120920-22_15
Can you spot the caterpillar on this one?
120920-22_16 120920-22_17 120920-22_18 120920-22_19 120920-22_20
Light is starting to get pretty low. I better move directly to my night's lodging.
Setting up early the next morning. It was 42°F. I'm in a section known as the Vermillion Cliffs.
Ah, sunlight is just touching the cliff tops.
Now the Cliffs start to display their full coloration.
120920-22_24 120920-22_25 120920-22_26 120920-22_27
The few houses scatted about give some scale to the Cliffs.
I thought I was alone all during this time, but now I began to feel I was being watched.
120920-22_29 120920-22_30
And indeed I was. This fellow had just hatched and was drying his/her wings.
And then I thought I heard footsteps as well.
And indeed I did. So I thought I better get away from the crowds and take a lunch break.
After lunch, some more flowers made their presence known to me.
120920-22_34 120920-22_35 120920-22_36 120920-22_37
The rest of the afternoon was occupied by driving along the Cliffs, and stopping whenever my camera said.
120920-22_38 120920-22_39 120920-22_40 120920-22_41 120920-22_42 120920-22_43
It's late afternoon now. Not much shooting time left.
This last shot is close to Lee's Ferry, and that's the Colorado River. Rafting trips down the river depart from here.