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My Dear Mother was an avid amateur photographer. She took hundreds of pictures with a Kodak Brownie model 2A camera that produced 2.50 x 4.25 inch prints. Those photographs were carefully stored in albums and viewed frequently - many of them remain with us today. Undoubtedly I owe my interest in photography to Mom.

Photography became a casual hobby sometime during high school, and the first cameras I used were of the simple roll-film point-and shoot variety.
  The first "serious" camera I obtained was an Argus C3, purchased in the 50's. It used 35mm film, had adjustable shutter and aperture settings, and an optical viewfinder. My first SLR camera was a Praktica bought in the 60's, and it was in constant use until the late 70's, when regrettably, it wore out.

Family, career, and life-in-general relegated photography to a minor role for the next several decades, during which time simple roll-film p&s cameras served our needs. This continued up until the advent of digital cameras, and they rekindled my interest in photography - strongly. My first digital camera was a Canon S-30, which was particularly attractive because of its built-in lens cover. It also had shutter and aperture controls which suited me fine. As that camera began to show effects of heavy use, I moved to a Nikon 8800 with its incredible (at that time) 10X optical telephoto capability. The Nikon camera system was more intuitive for me, and that made photography a bit less experimental. At the time I thought the 8800 would take care of my "limited" needs for the long-term. But, there was always a low-level background noise hinting that a DSLR might be in my future.


Retirement afforded me increased opportunities for photography, and, as I learned a little and gained some experience, the 8800 became limiting. So indeed, a DSLR did appear in my future, in the form of a Nikon D90 with its kit 18-55mm f/3.5 lens. Later I added a 70-300mm telephoto plus a 105mm macro lens. Presently I'm using a full-frame Nikon DSLR. I'm well aware of "better"/more-expensive equipment. But for now, times spent working with my gear, and subsequent processing of images, are most enjoyable for me.

On occasion one of my shots will look "pretty good", and I am moved to share it with family and friends. Generally they are very supportive, and I'm pleased. But I began to wonder if I might reach out to a larger sharing audience, and that was the impetus leading to this web site.


My background is in science, and I find the visual components of math and science compellingly attractive. My studies involved understanding the function of an object (a molecule for example) in terms of its structure. Photographs that clearly display relations between structure and function, cause and effect, shape and pattern, light and dark... are of greatest interest to me, and I've attempted to include examples here. I hope you might recognize, and perhaps enjoy, some of these features and relationships as you view the images.


S. F. Pavkovic

Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome, just send an email.

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